• Saturday, January 11th 10am-1pm
  • Refresher course at Blue Top Ridge at Riverside Casino and Resort.
  • Veterans Expo - Friday, November 8th from 10AM - 2PM


We concluded the 2019 GIVE Instruction program last Friday 27 September.

We started the 2019 season with 9 Saturdays of "refresher sessions", 26 January through 23 March, with 155 participants. The first 2 scheduled Saturdays in January were canceled due to weather.

We started the "new student" sessions Saturday 6 April with 34 participants. Through the 5 classes scheduled in 2019, we had 118 veterans and guests, total. The veterans scramble had 184 veterans scheduled to participate in June.

Amenities, such as water, sodas, coffee and "to-die-for" cookies, were provided by banquets Angela Millard, thank you Angela. GIVE hats and shirts were given to every new participant, as well. Golf equipment was given to all students who needed it to participate in the game. We gave out 7-8 sets of clubs per class.

A very big THANK YOU! to the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort staff for their support and assistance in making these sessions so memorable and meaningful to our deserving veterans. Also, a big THANK YOU! to Kim Heeren, VA and Kirt Sickels, retired, for vetting and scheduling all those veterans for the classes. And, a big THANK YOU! to my assistant CW3 Russ Irvine whose help was invaluable in making each class session a success.

We had a very committed crew of volunteers who made each day run like a well oiled machine. Ricky Davis, John Cloyed, Jeremy Soppe, Derrick Pickering, Eric Ringena (all GIVE veterans) assisted with the transporters, delivering amenities, and assisting the veterans as needed. A special shout out to Ricky Davis for coordinating most of the volunteer efforts. Brian Campbell, Chad Oeltjen, Allen Moore, Dr. Joe Cullen, Brendon Cullen, Tracy McArtor, Noah Federici were the accomplished amateur players who would help with the golf instruction as well as PGA professionals Mike Armes, Kevin Moneer, Lawrence Davies, Terry Anderson, Brian Johnson, David Crawley, Tom Hein, Allan Miller, and of course Bryan Haas and Mike McNamara from the Resort staff. Mark Burke and Carol Nitschke-Henrik came over for the refresher sessions when their GIVE classes were not in session.

At this point in time, we are planning to start the 2020 season with the "refresher sessions " Saturday 11 January from 10:00 to 1:00 pm. The remainder of the 2020 schedule will be approved at the next BOD meeting.

Thanks everyone for all you do.


Please consider donating your Golf clubs and used equipment

Please consider donating your Golf clubs and used equipment

Please donate your used golf clubs/equipment at the following courses: Riverside Casino and Golf Resort Blue Top Ridge Riverside, Iowa Warrior Run Golf Course, Norwalk, Iowa Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort The Falls Golf Course, Larchwood, Iowa