Flag Flying Days

As we get ready to celebrate a new year, I thought it was important to list the Flag Flying Days. I fly my flag most days of the year but take it down for the Winter. However, depending upon your ability and practicality there are days throughout the Winter that are considered Flag Flying Days. Following is a list of Days you should, if possible, fly your flag.

January 1- New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King Day – 3rd Monday in January

February 12-Lincoln’s Birthday

President’s Day – 3rd Monday in February

February 22 – Washington’s Birthday

Easter Sunday

Patriot’s Day – 3rd Monday in April

May 4 – International Firefighters Day

May 8 – V-E Day

Mother’s Day – Second Sunday in May

May 15 – Peace Officers Memorial Day – Half-Staff (Sunrise until Sunset)

Armed Forces Day – 3rd Saturday in May

Memorial Day -Last Monday in May – Half-Staff (Sunrise until noon)

June 14 – Flag Day

Father’s Day – 3rd Sunday in June

July 4th- Independence Day

July 27 -Korean War Veterans Armistice Day – Half-Staff (Sunrise until noon)

August 7 – Purple Heart Day

August 14 – V-J Day

August 19 – National Aviation Day

Labor Day – First Monday in September

September 17 – Constitution Day

National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Day – First Sunday in October – Half-Staff (Sunrise until Sunset)

Columbus Day – 2nd Monday in October

October 27 – Navy Day

Election Day – 1st Tuesday after the first Monday in November

November 11th – Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Day – 4th Thursday in November

December 7th -Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Half-Staff (Sunrise until Sunset)

December 25th – Christmas Day

                                                                                                     Information Provided by Annin Flagmakers