A work-from-home job or small business can be a great way to enjoy greater flexibility in your career. However, if you’ve never worked remotely or pursued entrepreneurship before, this track may be daunting. Rest assured, there are plenty of resources to help you succeed in your new role. Read on for a roundup below.


Figure Out What Kind of Job or Business Makes Sense for You

Do your research and plan strategically to make sure your chosen role is a good fit.


Take Care of the Practicalities of Setting Up a Business or Remote Work Role

Check these admin items off your to-do list to get off on the right foot.


Create a Productivity-Enhancing Workspace

With these steps, you can create a space that’s comfortable and boosts efficiency.


Start Marketing Your Business to Get Clients

Follow these tips to raise your business’s profile and attract clients.


Technology can help your business thrive in many ways. Whether you own a small company or are a freelancer or solopreneur, the above tools are worth your consideration. You’ll benefit in many ways, from more efficient workflows to improved security.

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