Make Sure Veterans Get the Proper Care

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It's hard to golf 18 holes if you've been injured or have a disability. It's hard to do a lot of other things, too. The Golf for Injured Veterans Everywhere Foundation is a veteran organization with the resources and the motivation to help veterans live happy and fulfilling lives.

We work with veterans to make sure they have the aid and assistance they need. We have equipment for Injured Veterans with special needs. 

We provide specialty equipment for Veterans in Wheelchairs, with Prosthetics and even Specialty Clubs for Blind People.

Veteran care is important. We are dedicated to making sure veterans have the right amount of attention and resources.

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We are a nonprofit for veterans that focuses on raising the quality of life for veterans all across IA. We give veterans a chance to play golf. We also deal with other aspects of veteran care, like helping elderly or disabled veterans. Golfing isn't just good for the body-it's also good for the mind and the soul. Golfing with others who share your experiences helps veterans form healthy bonds and cope with stress.

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