What is the GIVE Foundation

Welcome to our website. I am Jeff Delvaux, Executive Director of the G.I.V.E Foundation (Golf For Injured Veterans Everywhere). I was brought on recently to advance the Foundation through awareness and funding. Currently we receive no Federal assistance so all of our money is raised through donations by individuals, companies and three separate golf outings at Blue Top Ridge in Riverside Iowa, Terrace Hills in Altoona, Iowa and The Falls in Larchman, Iowa. The Foundation began 13 years ago to provide golf instruction to assist in the rehabilitation of Veterans recommended to us by the Veteran’s Hospitals in all three areas. Over 1,500 Veterans have been through our program. So our need for more funding continues to increase. Last year alone, we put 300 Veteran through the program. On average, it costs over $500 per Veteran to put through our program.

I am reaching out to you today to ask for your help in several ways. First, a personal or business donation in any amount would help. Secondly, if your company or you know of a foundation that gives money to Foundations that supports Veterans please contact me. There’s a form on the Contact Us page. Also, I would like to get in front of as many organizations as possible to increase awareness for this fantastic program. I’d like to speak to any group you may be a part of that works for to improve your Community. This will help us increase awareness and perhaps put me in front of some people who have connections for additional funding. Again, if your group is looking for a speaker I would love to get on your schedule.

Please read through the website to see what our program is all about and I look forward to hearing from you soon.