Employers in the public sector are attracted to hiring military veterans because they tend to hold to the stereotype of being hard workers. This appeal for veterans is evident in the current government report, which relayed that the unemployment rate for veterans was 4.6% in comparison to the non-veterans rate of 5.3%.

What Are the Main Benefits of Hiring Vets?

One of the main benefits of veterans as employees is that they tend to outperform their expected roles and responsibilities. When questioned, employers stated that 59% of vets performed better at their jobs than non-veterans, with 37% performing about the same as civilians. Employers also find veterans’ experience, determination, and work ethic acquired from the military a deciding factor when hiring.

Other skills that make veterans rise above the pack:

  • Problem-solving and critical thinking skills. These skills help veterans evaluate available resources and reduce risks, which enables them to complete tasks in stressful environments.
  • Teamwork and leadership skills. In the military, the ability to work as a team without issues and step up to lead when necessary are requirements for success.
  • Resiliency, strength, and endurance. When vets exit the military, they come out resilient and with inner strength. They have persevered in one of the most intense jobs in the country.
  • Transparent, cross-functional communication. Veterans must communicate with transparency and direct, unreserved honesty across the multi-tiered hierarchic branches of the military.

Your business in Des Moines, IA, can also benefit from hiring veterans through the federal tax credits it is eligible to receive. Unemployed veteran employees qualify for the credit. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit and Returning Heroes Tax Credit offer credits to your business for hiring veterans. The Wounded Warriors Tax Credit is in place to double what you receive from the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

Where Will Veterans Excel?

Veterans leaving the military come out with skills that can lead them to satisfying careers. Examples of positions where veterans thrive are:

  • Aviation
  • CDL driving
  • Accounting
  • Managerial consulting
  • Software engineering

If you hire a veteran for accounting or HR, you can facilitate success and job satisfaction by providing them with a platform that works with your current payroll system. The ideal platform will increase productivity by keeping workflow organized and should feature automation of payroll scheduling as well as calculating and filing taxes. Your HR department should have the means to process same-day direct deposits, adjust employee benefits, and set permissions to limit employees to view only their payroll records. Running your payroll along with crucial HR processes then becomes a breeze.

You Can Cultivate Success for Your Veteran Employees

Five strategies will help your veteran succeed at work. Connecting them to a mentor, setting up a career path, and upskilling will provide a plan for career advancement and success. Diversity, equity, and inclusiveness initiatives will help stop bias in the workplace. It is also helpful to make resource groups available in the areas of advocacy, social activities, and community service opportunities in the Des Moines area to raise job satisfaction.

Veterans Should Be Set Up for Success

Because veterans have unique skill sets and a strong work ethic, employers have an incentive to hire them and help them thrive at their jobs. When you catch a vet performing exceptionally at their job, treat them to a round of golf or lessons through the GIVE Foundation.

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